About us


SATA is a family of photographers SAsha and TAnya. Photography is a lifestyle for us. As you can see, our portfolio is very diverse. Our work represents different genres, it can be portrait, still life, reportage, lifestyle. This variety explains our vision. We mix techniques and discover common things at their new glance. Besides commercial projects we do street photography, which works as cognitive tool. We explore the World around us, hear stories, get experience, observe life patterns, get to know people, and of course ourselves.
We both were born and raised in Russia. This fact had a huge impact on our work. Historical and cultural background of our country is a great subject to study. Now we travel and photograph in different parts of the World.
We get much inspiration from music, especially rock’n’roll! We also read Russian literature and can barely stop from getting more books. We like taking long walks in any weather, try local food, watch movies and cartoons, and we love dogs 🙂